Sysmex Team in Icy Plunge for Charity

??????????Sysmex is proud to be a supporter of @Heart, the NZ charity that supports children born with a heart defect and their families.

As well as Sysmex making a donation to @Heart this year, four Sysmex staff recently took on the Heart Stopper Challenge, one of the charity’s major fundraisers this year.

This inventive challenge involves teams of 4-6 sitting in an icy pool of water for 5 minutes. This mimics the way in which child heart operations were performed in the days before child sized heart lung bypass machines were available, the child’s chest cavity was literally packed with ice to slow the heart.

The Sysmex Shivering Superheros as they were known, generated support from family, friends and fellow staff, who pledged donations to the team for completing the challenge.

We are proud to announce that the Sysmex team raised over $1200 for @Heart.

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