Business Analysis

Business analysis is crucial from start to finish for successful software projects. The business analyst (BA) plays an important role in every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and ensures that the solution meets the business goals of all the stakeholders involved.

The Sysmex Solutions team has experienced, talented BAs, with extensive knowledge across the Sysmex product portfolio and the laboratory and clinical workflow needs. The members of the Solutions team operate as the central point liaising between your business and the Sysmex application experts to accurately define the project scope. This step is important to clearly understand and define the business problem – in effect the BA will work as the problem solver. Additionally, having a clear understanding of the business drivers will ensure that the benefits you seek from the software solutions are delivered.

Once the scope is defined, the BA takes on the responsibility to gather and document detailed requirements for the Sysmex Delivery team and developers. To do this, the Sysmex Solutions team apply their domain knowledge and communication skills to accurately guide the analysis process. They apply analysis techniques to obtain the business needs across all your user scenarios. As organizations look to enhance productivity and quality while reducing cost they are finding the role of the BA role to be essential*.

Vanessa Martin, Solutions team manager, describes the benefits:
“There are many advantages to having a dedicated BA. Our customers are assured that they receive the right solution for their business needs, project scope creep is prevented, and the project managers can focus on project delivery. Investing in a BA at the outset of a project is ultimately about ensuring the best end result and avoiding unplanned complications.”

You will notice that Sysmex usually includes an analysis line in our quotes. Using BA services to analyse the work required, will provide the most accurate costings up-front. So many projects today, particularly in software, involve amendments and modifications. This ends up costing all parties more time and additional unplanned costs. Utilising business analysis skills from initiation to the close-out phase prevents this from occurring and safeguards your project.

By applying the valuable skills of our BA team, the business requirements for all your users are accurately defined. This means you are assured that you receive the best working solution for your organisation. For more information, please contact your project manager.


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