Site Visits

A hands-on approach tailoring our products to suit your business

We understand what our customer do and what our customers want.This expertise is shared through our Site Visit Service where we ensure the Sysmex products you use best suit your workflow, adding value to your business.

How we see it

Sysmex realises our products are key tools in the daily operation of your business – so it is equally important to us that they work optimally for you.

When on-site, we assess how our products are used in a real working environment. We learn about any specific needs and product issues from your side and readily share our ideas, skills and advice with you. We see site visits as an ideal opportunity to build great customer relationships and get face-to-face with the end-users of our products, helping us to continually improve our in-house support processes.

How our customers see it

Mark Curtis the Director of IT Services at Diagnostic Services of Manitoba (DSM) finds Sysmex’s Site Visit Service invaluable:

“Sysmex representatives regularly visit our DSM laboratories in Winnipeg around every six months, spending between five to ten days for each visit. With our sites running various Sysmex products in a Multi-Lab environment, we always have a very full agenda for the site visit time, including both operational and project-related topics.

The Sysmex staff who come onsite during the site visit have always been extremely knowledgeable, helpful and personable. They provide valuable insight into how we can use their products more effectively and quickly incorporate our specific workflows and environment into their approach. Our most recent site visits have included time for future planning which has proven very valuable in the months that followed.

The Sysmex representatives follow-up each site visit with a well-documented report of the various topics and sessions from the site visit, and always include the agreed upon ‘next steps’. We appreciate the time and energy Sysmex invests in the site visits and find them extremely helpful overall.”

Key facts about Site Visits:

  • Site visits can include training, auditing, requirement gathering, workflow analysis, problem-solving or other specific requests
  • Customer site visits are individually planned prior to coming on site
  • The Sysmex team member(s) with the expertise most suited to the customer’s specific requirements at the time performs the site visit
  • Following the site visit, detailed reports are provided describing the events of the site visit and any recommendations
  • Site visits can be utilised across any Sysmex IT solutions, i.e. Delphic LIS suite or Eclair, installed at a customer site

Note: Site visits are an optional addition to the Standard Support Agreement. Your service agreement with Sysmex New Zealand specifies the number of on-site visits per annum that your organisation has contracted. For more information, refer to the Sysmex Support Guide or contact your local representative.

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