Delphic AP

Delphic AP is a total histopathology workflow management and reporting solution, developed in collaboration with leading hospital and private pathology providers to meet the growing demands and pressures on histopathology services. As a fully featured LIS, Delphic AP can be used by administration and secretarial staff, technologists, scientists and pathologists and covers every stage of the pre- and post-analytical histopathology lab functionality.

Improve business efficiency and quality of patient care

  • Fully integrated, end-to-end pathology service management
  • Flexible lean workflow and level of automation
  • Complete traceability throughout specimen processing
  • Diminished potential for accidental specimen transposition
  • Paperless pathology lab operation
  • Standardised specimen processing
  • Interface to any instrument or cassette and slide printer
  • Simplified and intuitive user interaction
  • Compliant, high quality pathology reports and delivery
  • Streamlined, accurate billing
  • More informed business decisions and opportunity for continual service improvements

Tailored to suit

Sysmex understands that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work when it comes to anatomical pathology, so Delphic AP has been designed to provide a system that supports tailored flows for specific organs, different tasks and a range of disciplines.

Case Studies

SA Pathology Case Study – This case study steps through the laboratory workflow at SA Pathology, Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) and describes how Delphic AP is integral to the management of patient cases. The SA Pathology team use Delphic AP at each workflow step from receipt of the request to final report signoff.

**Delphic AP is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**

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