Diagnostic Results & Orders

Diagnostic service facilities (laboratory, pathology and radiology groups) receive and manage significant volumes of test requests every day. Eclair is widely used by leading diagnostic services to improve the management of requests and results, streamlining the pre- and post-analytical phases electronically, which in turn enables them to provide a better outreach service to their market.

Eclair interfaces with all HL7 compliant[1] LIS and RIS systems to provide online results and request ordering. In addition, Eclair integrates with leading practice management systems[2] ensuring suitability for a diverse range of primary care and specialist facilities and a seamless user experience. This flexibility makes Eclair the perfect add-on to existing LIS/ RIS systems, enhancing and improving your diagnostic services.

Eclair CDR eOrders Diagnostic Results

Implementing electronic ordering of requests and secure online results benefits your diagnostic service as well as healthcare provider facilities, e.g. GPs and primary care.

Benefits of eOrders

  • The order form uses standard laboratory test codes, ensuring the correct tests are performed
  • Decision support displays alerts and existing result information at the point of order, reducing unnecessary patient testing
  • Collection Room module for easy processing of patients presenting for lab tests and accurate sample collection
  • HL7 orders are received directly into the receiving system e.g. LIS/RIS, reducing manual data entry and simplifying administration processes
  • Status updates provide visibility of the progress of an order request, enabling easy follow-up if a patient has not had testing completed.

Benefits of Online Results

  • Test results and reports are stored permanently in the Eclair Clinical Data Repository (CDR)
  • Call centre staff can easily look up patient results in one central location, even when tests and procedures have been performed at different facilities
  • Immediate, secure web access to your patients’ results, via PC, portal or mobile device (Eclair Touch)
  • Patient confidentiality is protected, with the ability to restrict access, and full audit trail.
Eclair lab order form within MedTech

Eclair lab order form within MedTech



Eclair Laboratory eOrders

Case Study

Electronic laboratory orders across four NZ district health boards – Medlab Central, which provides laboratory services to healthcare providers across the central North Island of New Zealand, became the first laboratory to implement electronic diagnostic test requesting.


[1] utilises standard HL7 interfaces

[2] MedTech Evolution, myPractice, Best Practice, indici

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**Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**

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