Sysmex Conference 2012

Working Together to Advance Healthcare was this year’s theme at Sysmex’ 2012 Conference held in Wellington, New Zealand (10-12 October). Across a number of international geographies, health services are investing significant sums into health IT. While many health services lean towards the “one size fits all” approach in implementing EMR solutions, Sysmex continues to support healthcare in conjunction with its network of collaborating partners empowering a best-of-breed dynamic to deal with the complexity and idiosyncrasy of health care services and changing models of care.

Today, systems that are interacting with Sysmex’ clinical and diagnostic solutions include:

  • Shared Care planning solutions
  • GP Practice Management Systems
  • Clinical Portals
  • Medications Management and Community Pharmacy software
  • Radiology/ PACS
  • Patient Administration
  • Laboratory

James Webster, CEO of Sysmex New Zealand stated, “At this year’s conference, we had the benefit of the NZ Health IT Board, third party vendor and client presentations offering a multitude of perspectives. Each perspective showed the degree of interoperability and the progression of supporting regionalisation whether from a District Health Board perspective or laboratory shared services.”

With delegates representing services from Australia, Canada and New Zealand, there is recognition of similar drivers for change and the consolidation and regionalisation of services

  • Continued reduction in funding mechanisms
  • Drive towards regional or shared services for greater cost efficiencies and efficacy of service delivery
  • Support for centres of excellence pooling talent
  • Improved internal cost management
  • Better external provider and patient orientation

To this end, speakers provided informative presentations on their service linkages and leveraging health IT to achieve regionalisation using a combination of Sysmex and third party solutions.

Tony Cook of the National Health IT Board gave an update on the revised health IT plan. The board’s vision through 2014 focused on three main areas:

  • National Shared Care Planning solution;
  • Connected care supported by national view of clinical information;
  • Access to individual health information.

Following on from which HSA Global is a Sysmex partner leveraging the South Island regional clinical data repository for one of several national shared care pilots.

With Sysmex providing three of four regional clinical repositories for diagnostic results, community pharmacy, clinical documents, New Zealand is embarking upon a connected care initiative to enable national access to clinical information hosted regionally.

Graeme Hibbert, Sysmex’ Chief Architect offered a vision for the Eclair data repository and its alignment with national health IT plan as a centralised component of this – the CDR. Interoperability is key to the success of achieving connected care and Graeme described how Sysmex is working together to and meet this. With so much of patients’ clinical data stored in regional repositories, Graeme presented the next evolution of Eclair (both the core web application and Eclair Touch) having the potential to display patient information that is understandable and actionable for patients. No longer does lab results have to be held by clinicians as the curator, rather clinical data can be presented in a way that interprets what the results mean, understand the risks of one’s state of health and what one can do to improve one’s lifestyle.

E-Ordering was covered in the afternoon of the second day of the conference. Several viewpoints on this complex workflow activity were provided:

  • Ordering of blood products from Auckland Hospital
  • Radiology ordering in Canterbury Health Labs
  • Medlab Central, a Sonic Healthcare NZ entity, on the challenges of ordering from GP practices

In summary the conference content broadly reflected the theme of ‘working together to advance healthcare’, which was reflected in three approaches:

  • Shared services and regionalisation
  • Integrating with third party systems
  • Working together within and between healthcare organisations- the IT providers, the healthcare providers and the patient

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