Sysmex enabling mobile access to patient records

Ahead of the mHealth revolution, it has been one year since Sysmex launched Eclair Touch which is the mobile version of the Eclair Clinical Information System.

Eclair (developed and support by Sysmex) has lead the evolution of shared electronic patient records for the last 15 years, and Eclair Touch is the latest innovation in the product suite.

The product enables secure mobile access to patient records held in central Eclair repositories within healthcare organisations, via touch-screen mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, as well as Android mobile devices.

Sysmex developed Eclair Touch to meet the growing need for mobility within healthcare – with escalating numbers of clinicians are now using touch-screen mobile devices or similar tablet technology.

Eclair clinical workstations are generally located centrally on the ward, at the nurses’ station for example, providing an essential part of the patient-care process in many healthcare organisations. Review and sign-off patient reports is traditionally done using the clinical workstation prior to ward rounds and when clinically necessary. Now, mobile access to the patient record via Eclair Touch benefits clinicians with fast, one – touch access to their patient records, anytime, regardless of their location. Clinical staff can check and accept (signoff) their patients’ reports at the bedside or on the move.

Eclair Touch was installed at a laboratory service provider in Pennsylvania, USA to provide clinicians with secure access to results for their patients from their mobile device.” It’s really enhanced the way we manage our patients – accessing patient results is much more efficient and its easy to use”, reported a client of the laboratory.

After logging-on to Eclair Touch, clinicians are presented with a list of recently viewed patients, or they may use a generic search tool for new patient searches by name or patient identifier. Once the patient is selected, a patient dashboard offers rapid access to the different types of clinical data available in the local Eclair repository, which may include diagnostic reports, medication lists, visit summaries and other clinical information.

Sysmex are excited about the potential for the product and development plans are underway to support full functionality to request diagnostic tests and procedures and add clinical notes to the patient record. “There is huge potential to utilise the Eclair mobile platform to meet the changing needs of healthcare organisations and the delivery of care to their patients”.

New Zealand’s Canterbury DHB are now trialling the product in Christchurch Hospital. Feedback to date from clinicians that have previewed Eclair Touch has been extremely positive, with many expressing much eagerness to start using Eclair Touch in their clinical environments as soon as possible. Canterbury DHB will be using Eclair Touch to view and accept diagnostic results and reports – including laboratory, radiology, transfusion medicine information and a range of clinical documents.

Security can raise some concerns when considering patient record access on a mobile device, but Sysmex explains that Eclair Touch is connected to a secure mobile website platform. “There’s no patient information stored on the device except a temporary cache. User access is authenticated in the same way as it is to the core Eclair web system. A full audit trail of all access and actions is also recorded.”

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