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CSR Activities

Sysmex New Zealand takes on the Corporate Challenge 2019

Signing AI healthcare assistant wins 2019 Sysmex Award for Health Informatics

SPCA winter collection drive

It’s jammies in June

When giving a little means a lot

Donning the gumboots for a worthwhile cause

Sysmex joins the corporate challenge 2018

Youth mental health app wins the 2018 Sysmex Award for Health Informatics

Sysmex gives back, planting natives on Motutapu Island

Jamming with StarJam

National rheumatic fever registry business case wins this year’s Sysmex Award for Health Informatics

Sysmex kiwi movie night fundraising for the Kiwis For Kiwi charity

Sysmex staff sacrifice their waistlines for SPCA Cupcake Day

Sysmex staff give a little to save many

Proudly supporting Kidney Kids NZ

A student innovation to tackle cognitive challenges in health informatics wins this year’s Sysmex Award.

Classic kiwi movie night

Sysmex volunteers for conservation project on Motuihe Island

Sysmex staff answer the call for blood donors

Sysmex staff bike the bridge … and back again

Student innovation for managing abnormal test results wins this year’s Sysmex Award

Cupcake day for the SPCA

Born fighters – Heart Kids NZ August Appeal

Sysmex staff stand up, then lie down to donate blood

Kiwi innovators of tomorrow take on the world

Sysmex volunteers planting for the future on Motutapu Island

Sysmex Award for Health Informatics

Team Sysmex supports Heart Kids NZ in icy heartstopper challenge

Sysmex staff support environmental activities on Motutapu Island

GP To GP notes transfer subject of winning essay

Sysmex environmental volunteer day at Motuihe Island

Team Sysmex to ride Taupo Cycle Challenge for @Heart

Sysmex awards prize in health informatics

Sysmex team in icy plunge for charity

Winner of the Sysmex Award for Health Informatics announced

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