Site Visits

Site visits offer a hands-on approach to the tailoring of Sysmex products to best suit an organisation’s workflow, adding value to their business.

It can sometimes be difficult to describe a particular requirement or an issue over the phone or via email. Seeing first-hand how the software is operating in a customer’s environment and speaking with end-users directly presents the best opportunity for us to truly understand an organisation’s processes and workflow requirements.

Site visits involve an experienced Sysmex team member spending time at a customer’s site to review how the software is performing and offering recommendations and assistance for any trouble areas. They are an optional addition to the standard support agreement and play an important role in the services we provide, ensuring that our products are functioning at the highest level for optimum organisational workflow.

How does a site visit work?

Site visits are generally scheduled at the beginning of the year, but can be requested on an ad-hoc basis. They can incorporate a whole range of activities including identification of future training needs, specialised training, system audits, requirements gathering, workflow analysis, trouble-shooting or other customer-specific requests.

To ensure organisations get the most out of this service, we work together with key customer contacts on the areas that need to be covered, develop an agenda and then the Sysmex team member with the most suitable expertise will undertake the site visit.

Following the visit, a comprehensive report detailing the outcomes of the sessions conducted with end-users is prepared and provided to the customer for future reference. The report can include recommendations for process improvement, further staff training, changes to software configuration, or answers to issues raised during the visit that could not be resolved straight away.

Your service agreement with Sysmex New Zealand specifies the number of site visits per annum your organisation has contracted. For more information, refer to the Sysmex Support Guide or contact your Sysmex account manager.

From a customer perspective

Site visits offer a variety of benefits and customers often tell us that they have provided indispensable insight into how they could use our products more effectively. Mark Curtis, Director of Information Technology Services at Shared Health (formerly Diagnostic Services Manitoba) in Manitoba, Canada finds Sysmex’s site visit service invaluable,

“Sysmex regularly visit our laboratories in Winnipeg, Canada twice a year for approximately a week to ten days at a time. The people from the Sysmex team that come on site are knowledgeable and helpful, offering expert advice and suggestions to improve our workflows and systems. Their visits with us are always followed up by practical, detailed reports which help us to prioritise ideas and action items. We value the benefits of this essential service.”

From our perspective

We have found that site visits offer us the ideal opportunity to interact with end-users and build stronger working relationships with our customers. They keep us up to date with the unique needs specific to each customer site and increase our knowledge of the day-to-day challenges faced by the healthcare sector. Together, this results in improvements to our products and in-house support process so we can provide more beneficial responses to future customer requests.

To find out more about how your organisation could benefit from the inclusion of site visits in your support agreement, or to add extra site visits to your current agreement, contact your Sysmex account manager.

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