Product Training

It is essential that an organisation invest in staff training to truly take advantage of the benefits their chosen technology can offer in terms of workflow efficiency and increased quality.

Sysmex provides in-depth training courses covering all areas of product use and administration, from assisting with up-skilling, to train-the-trainer or training new users.

Courses are available on an ad-hoc basis as well as via regular updates and training through scheduled events.

For NZ medical laboratory scientists, the NZIMLS CPD committee have approved the following specialist training courses for CPD point accreditation:

TCP essentials
This course covers the writing and use of TCPs (test control protocols) and is worth 10 CPD points

Advanced TCPs
This course offers advanced TCP training and is worth 16 CPD points

Decryptic Analyser Interfacing
This course will train specialised staff on the design, installation and management of a Decryptic interface and is worth 16 CPD points.

This course covers the customisable area of lab reporting for lab staff and is worth 8 CPD points.

For further details on these training courses, please email [email protected]

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