Eclair Touch

The Eclair Touch portfolio provides clinicians with mobile access to relevant patient information and assists with the delivery of patient care at the point-of-care or on the move. It incorporates both core Eclair functionality as well as specifically designed mobile applications that support the clinical workflow and help to promote efficient use of clinical time as well as patient safety.

Eclair Touch Results

Eclair Touch Results replicates the functionality of the Eclair clinical workstation for viewing and managing results, including:

  • Secure mobile access to patient records, such as laboratory results, including tabular cumulative review; pathology reports; radiology reports; medications dispensed; encounter information; clinical documents (where available in your CDR)
  • Dashboard lists displaying a summary of messages, diagnostic reports assigned to you for review and signoff, plus easy access to your favourite searches
  • Tools to support collaboration and follow-up, such as messages and tasks management and bookmarks.

Eclair Touch Results

Eclair Touch Orders

With Eclair Touch Orders clinicians can create laboratory order requests directly from their mobile device. Applying all the latest features offered through mobile design technologies, it provides a modern, intuitive user interface to help clinicians complete the lab order form quickly and accurately.

  • Order forms guide the clinician to enter all relevant requester and clinical information for the order, including the ability to schedule specimen collections
  • The test menu makes it easy to find and select the lab tests the patient needs, and minimum re-order interval alerts are indicated to help reduce unnecessary test ordering
  • Provides decision support for clinicians, with single touch to display the patient record.



Eclair Touch Collects

Eclair Touch Collects

Eclair Touch Collects is a mobile app that manages phlebotomist collection rounds, replacing the need for paper lists and request forms. It is designed to improve efficiency for the phlebotomy workflow and minimise the possibility of pre-analytical errors during the specimen collection process.

Phlebotomists’ work is driven by a real-time list of patients scheduled to have lab specimens collected and their current location. The app guides phlebotomy teams through their hospital ward rounds including the recommended order in which to visit each ward and highlights priority patients. If a clinician adds or amends a lab test order, the worklist is always updated ensuring no patients are missed during the collection round.

At the bedside, the phlebotomist scans the ID on the patient’s wristband to positively identify the patient. All information for the collect displays so it is easy to see the tubes required and the draw order. Labels for each specimen tube are printed instantly from a handheld printer, ensuring accurate, unique identification. The app makes it easy to reschedule collects and add comments as needed.

Eclair Touch Labels

Eclair Touch Labels is a simple mobile solution than prints patient labels for collection tubes on demand at the point of collect, removing the need for hand-labelling or the use of over-size PAS-generated labels.

Eclair Touch Bloods

Eclair Touch Bloods helps prevent potential blood product dispensing errors by enabling clinical staff to scan both the blood product and patient wristband ID on their mobile device prior to administering a blood product, to confirm the blood dispensed matches to the assigned patient.


*Eclair Touch operates on iOS and Android. No patient information is stored on the device except a temporary cache. User access is authenticated in the same way as it is to the Eclair core system. A full audit trail of all access and actions is also recorded.*

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***Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.***

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