Proudly supporting Kidney Kids NZ

KidneyKids1Sysmex New Zealand has signed a new sponsorship agreement with Kidney Kids NZ, a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1990, that provides support and advocacy services to families of children with kidney disorders across New Zealand. Kidney Kids’ vision is for children with kidney disorders and their families to lead the best lives possible.

Rachel Barrett, Kidney Kids NZ National Family Health Manager, explains that children requiring treatment for kidney disorders in New Zealand usually need to come to Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, where they will sometimes need to stay for weeks, or even months at a time. This often puts tremendous strain on families, particularly those from out of town. Kidney Kids works hard to provide both emotional support and practical assistance so that parents can access the best services possible for their child’s needs. This can take the form of support group meetings, coffee mornings, educational evenings and special events including annual camps for kidney kids. Parent regional coordinators play a community liaison role and provide support to families within their communities.

Kidney Kids also plays an educational role, aiming to inform children, their families and the wider public about keeping their kidneys healthy. During a recent presentation to Sysmex staff, Rachel explained that the kidneys’ role in filtering waste from the blood made them the second most important organ in the body after the brain, because without the work of the kidneys, the heart will not function.

“Unhealthy eating, excessive alcohol consumption and high blood pressure are all factors that place a strain on the kidneys,” she said, “So your kidneys are another reason to follow healthy eating advice and stay hydrated.”

Sysmex NZ Marketing Communications Manager, Rose Harding, says that Sysmex is proud to be involved with Kidney Kids as part of its CSR programme.

“It is hard to imagine how stressful it must be for a family with a child who is sick and requiring treatment in hospital for an extended period. We’re pleased to be able to offer our support for the vital work that Kidney Kids does to help out these families, and we’re looking forward to getting involved with their fund-raising activities where we can.”

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