As Chief Executive Officer of Sysmex New Zealand, Arjit provides strategic leadership and acts as a direct liaison between the board and management team. Prior to becoming CEO in 2017, he served as Financial Controller and General Manager for Sysmex New Zealand, as well as Chief Financial Officer for Sysmex Asia Pacific based in the Regional Headquarters in Singapore. He brings over two decades of experience in various leadership roles within IT, manufacturing, and distribution industries. Mission driven and passionate, Arjit believes in leading Sysmex with purpose, creating a strong company culture rooted in core values and working to realise his vision of a healthier tomorrow.

Colin is a leading advocate for health IT and the benefits it offers to healthcare providers and their patients. He joined Sysmex in 1989 and has more than two decades of sales management and key account experience in the industry. As Sales & Marketing Director, he leads the development of the company’s sales strategy for the IVD and IT business, and is dedicated to building strong, long-lasting relationships with Sysmex’s customers. With his experience, expertise and strong leadership skills in digital health, Colin’s focus has been to help shape the future of healthcare in New Zealand. Colin is currently a founding fellow of the Fellow of Health Informatics NZ (FHiNZ) programme.

Driven by a passion for delivering quality products and services to our customers, Vanessa has found her niche in her role as Sysmex’s Customer Care Manager. Since joining Sysmex in 1993, she has been involved in many aspects of the business, from application support, implementation to project management, and has played a key role in establishing and leading the Solutions team. Customer-centric at heart, in her current role Vanessa oversees the Solutions, Delivery, and Technical teams, as well as quality management. Her experience across these important areas of our business is instrumental in ensuring that customers derive consistent and quality value from their IVD and health IT solutions.

Graeme has played a pivotal role in the ongoing evolution of Sysmex’s R&D products. As Head of Software Development, he oversees the product development teams, ensuring that Sysmex continues to deliver world-class health IT solutions in line with evolving needs of healthcare providers. Graeme holds extensive knowledge of Sysmex’s health IT product portfolio and has been instrumental in the development of Eclair. He has also been the main driving force behind the establishment of regional clinical data repositories, electronic orders and results acknowledgement solutions throughout New Zealand, as well as the data and digital solutions for NZ’s COVID response.

Leonie is passionate about culture development and delivering strategic programmes to transform employee careers into meaningful experiences. She was appointed Human Resources Manager in January 2020, joining Sysmex as the next step in an impressive HR career spanning a range of industries. She brings experience in all aspects of human resources and has a sound understanding of how organisational development contributes to building high-performance teams. Believing that people are an organisation’s most valuable resource inspires her to foster a positive work environment, as well as sustain an inclusive and diverse culture at Sysmex where careers can thrive.