Sysmex staff answer the call for blood donors

2016BloodDriveIn early April, the NZ Blood Service issued a request for much needed blood donations. Hearing the call Sysmex New Zealand jumped into action and a time was organised for staff, many of whom are regular donors, to visit the local blood donor centre to donate blood. Once again, we were grateful to the NZ Blood Service who organised the wonderful shuttle service that picked us up and dropped us back at the office after our visit.

“It’s gratifying knowing that what to us is such a small part of our day can have such a major impact on so many other kiwi lives,” said Marketing Communications Manager, Rose Harding.

As the sole provider of blood products to hospitals in New Zealand, the service relies on the generosity of donors to save lives. Each donation received can be separated into several components, which can then be used to treat different types of patients, for example, adults and children with leukaemia, transplant patients, patients undergoing surgery, and accident and burns victims.

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