Winner of the Sysmex Award for Health Informatics announced

251111Sysmex Award for Health InformaticsSysmex New Zealand is delighted to congratulate Shazneen Zaim on winning the Sysmex Prize for Health Informatics, for her essay on linking ambulances with emergency departments.

Sysmex New Zealand sponsored the competition for health informatics students at the University of Auckland for the first time this year. Approximately 40 students entered the competition, writing an assignment in the form of a business case on the topic: “How can we better use mobile devices in a hospital environment?” The entries were judged by Sysmex based on feasibility, use of technology and innovation.

Sysmex’s National Sales Manager, Colin McKenzie, who was involved in judging the competition, said that the company was impressed with the range and quality of entries, which addressed innovations across a wide spectrum of healthcare scenarios.

“We selected Shazneen’s essay as the winning entry as it was well-researched and outlined a feasible development that would improve patient outcomes. The innovation bridges primary and secondary care, which is a main theme for the current change in our health system.”

Shazneen Zaim was presented with her prize of $1000 at the HINZ (Health Informatics New Zealand) conference dinner, which was held in Auckland this week.

Mr McKenzie said that in sponsoring this competition, Sysmex aims to encourage excellence in health education by helping to foster innovation, as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility plan.

Shazneen has just completed her studies for a Bachelor of Health Science. She says that doing the health informatics course has been an eye opener in terms of how technology can be used in the health sector.

“Prior to studying health informatics, I never really considered the part IT plays in the delivery of health care yet as a result of the course and the assignment I have seen that an effective IT system can make the delivery of healthcare more efficient, bridge the gaps between different sectors, improve continuity of care and therefore improve patient health outcomes. Winning the Sysmex prize has given me an incentive to focus any future studies I do in health informatics and see how I can contribute to this essential element of the health sector.”

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