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The interoperable Eclair FHIR API by Sysmex has been added to the Diabetes in Pregnancy Registry (DiPR) in New Zealand to enable reliable follow-up care and improved outcomes for pregnant women with diabetes.

Managed by the Counties Manukau Diabetes Service at Middlemore hospital, the DiPR is a web-based system designed to monitor women with pre-existing diabetes or those who develop diabetes during pregnancy.

The registry went live with the Eclair FHIR-API in early October last year as a solution to enhance the rate of blood testing for HbA1c among pregnant women – a vital measure for monitoring blood sugar levels during their 3-month and 12-month checkups with their GP. This ensures that appropriate care is provided to pregnant women during and following childbirth.

Through the FHIR-API, electronic orders for HbA1c testing can now be placed directly on Awanui’s Eclair system. Using the Eclair eOrders module, Awanui’s Eclair system manages laboratory testing requests across multiple primary care facilities throughout New Zealand.

When triggered by specific conditions in the registry’s practice management system, Enigma, the API creates an order without the need for a user interface, carrying complete information including the unique identifier for the individual (NHI), the healthcare provider requesting the test (HPI-CPN) and their practice facility.

GPs can track their patients’ most recent HbA1c screening result in their practice management system, forwarded from the DiPR via the HealthLink messaging service, allowing timely follow-up with the individual for efficient monitoring and care.

Currently, the registry is used by Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau, with plans to roll out the system regionally in the near future.

Learn more about the Eclair FHIR API solution here.


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