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Sysmex New Zealand has announced a distribution agreement with Ngaio Diagnostics to make advanced flow cytometry technology more accessible to New Zealand’s environmental, agricultural, animal breeding and research industries.

Flow cytometry (FCM) is a powerful analytical technique that enables rapid and simultaneous analysis of multiple characteristics of individual cells or particles, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from selecting the strongest genes for crops and animal breeding to assessing the safety of air and water samples for environmental control.

As the pandemic and recent climate-related events continue to impact New Zealand’s food production and environmental industry, Sysmex Partec’s range of compact FCM analysers offers a reliable and affordable solution. With dedicated light sources and optical parameters for scientific and industrial use, Sysmex Partec analysers are suitable for routine testing and high-end research applications, improving the accuracy, productivity and quality of food and environmental testing.

Following an intensive selection process, Sysmex New Zealand signed a distribution agreement with Ngaio Diagnostics on March 31st to take over the distribution of Sysmex Partec’s non-clinical applications of the FCM solution. This includes instrumentation, software, reagents, and protocols for environmental, food and beverage, plant, and animal breeding analysis.

“We are excited to partner with Ngaio Diagnostics to make our products more readily available to organisations that need them,” said Arjit Bhana, CEO of Sysmex New Zealand. “We were gratified by the interest expressed by companies with strong reputations in this field. A significant part of our assessment was the value that a partner would bring to the Sysmex brand, and we felt that Ngaio Diagnostics would mirror Sysmex’s clinical reputation in the industrial and environmental sectors.”

Stuart McKenzie, Managing Director of Ngaio Diagnostics, stated, “The opportunity to provide Sysmex Partec technology and the support of their NZ Engineers will extend our contribution to New Zealand’s environmental protection, food production, animal breeding, and research without compromising the customer service levels upon which we have built our reputation.”

From left to right: Stuart McKenzie, Managing Director of Ngaio Diagnostics, and Arjit Bhana, CEO of Sysmex New Zealand

For further information on the history, quality standards and availability of Sysmex Partec Flow Cytometry equipment and products, visit

For enquiries about Sysmex Partec Flow Cytometry solutions, contact Ngaio Diagnostics at [email protected].


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